Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 18: Just like school picture day (only better)

Not every day is glamour day here at Fab Gabs. Yesterday was a photoshoot, and before I got pretty while Solanah and the photographer were shooting, I was in my workout gear. (Why? Because I got up at 5am to start steaming garments.)  And Solanah was so stunning, with her amazing hairstyle (more on that later) and the pretty uber-fantastic 50s stuff that I picked up, that I decided to go a little fancy.

I love this ensemble. It is one of my absolute favorites. A go-to for rockabilly shows, sunny days, dates and just when I really need to feel cute. Would you believe I almost sold that skirt? I bought it for the shop, but then I measured it. It is a circle skirt with button-adjusting waist that goes from 28"-34". YEAH - my entire size range! I'll never have to get rid of it. *Love.*

I should have thought to get you a close-up of my hair. I had taken Solanah to have her hair done by Kristen Behlings in the morning, a local and entirely fabulous vintage hair dresser. Although I've had her style my hair, and have even gone to class or two, it wasn't quite the same as getting to just WATCH her technique. So I was inspired to do my own complicated style. I love how it came out.

I think I lost this belt last night, unless it turns up at the late-night Thai restaurant we were at. I'm heartbroken. It's 1950s butter leather in that fabulous green, and I know I'll never find another.

Snood: Modern Reproduction from La Rosa Vintage Boutique in San Francisco (they're $8.)
Sweater: From the estate of a woman who ran the John Powers Modeling Agency
Skirt: Antique store. "Square dance skirt, $10"
Belt: Estate sale find
Shoes: ReMix, from Top-Stitch Vintage
Bakelite Necklace: Flea Market Purchase
Bakelite: Various, but the two-tone has a great story. I'd had one of the absolute best days turn into a worst day, and was really bummed. Jesse took me to a Goodwill. I told him - jokingly! - to find me some Bakelite to cheer me up. He did - that giant deep orange and butterscotch piece, for $6.99.  Okay then.

I can't wait to preview the items from our photoshoot for you. So I'm going to do a little previews post, before there are any official sneak peeks! I might do it this way from now on, too, if you like what you see!


  1. I was about to ask how you lose a belt while you're wearing it, and then I realised that is exactly the sort of thing I would do having lost a shoe at a local pub before, so I think anything is possible now!

    1. The belt doesn't actually buckle with any metal bits - it just slips through the center buckle piece. It only just fits right now, so I think it simply slipped off. =(

  2. Argh, I've lost so many things at pubs. Several vintage coats. A journal from 12th grade. My fave chocolate brown PLAIN 1950s cardigan on the back of a barstool (it's been shockingly difficult to find a replacement unembellished dark brown vintage cardy!). I will keep an eye out for a belt like that for you...ya never know. Gorgeous outfit and hair. I can't believe that skirt was labeled "square dance skirt" by a dealer! Oh wait, yes I can. :) And Jesse's bracelet score! Great finds, all.

  3. I love the necklace!The whole outfit is great.

  4. I think this is my favorite outfit so far. I love mixing prints and colors like you've done here. just beautiful! sorry to hear about the belt. i hate losing those favorite pieces that go with everything!

  5. I love all the colours! Yummy shoes, too!

  6. Beautiful everything! Dress, shoes, Bakelite, all of it!!